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How to be persistent when you are out of motivation?

If you aspire to be successful at everything you “touch” you need crazy persistence. The question lies in how to be persistent when you are out of motivation?”

We all have some moments when our goals look far away or even worse, like we don’t even want them anymore.  These dark moments are essential to be taken into consideration. During these dark, hopeless moments, you can drastically change the course of your life.  This drastic change can be for better or for worse, depending on your mindset.

Believe in your own vision

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” – Psalms 126.5

Being an “omnimist”, so a person who finds truth in every religion can make you find this verse very comforting but not only.  Adapting this verse as a principle, when you are struggling gives you objective results.

From my experience, I have always worked harder in the days I didn’t feel like doing anything or when I felt hopeless and the results have made me extremely happy. I have been presented with opportunities, people and excitement that I could have never imagined to become my new reality.  

The most important thing is to believe that your effort isn’t going unnoticed, your input is already part of the equation and the results will come based on your mindset. You put the value in your own work. Focus on the input, not on external validation. External validation will come along the way but do not let it become a tool to decide your value.

Do it your way

The truth is we are extremely fed up with stupid manuals on how to live our life, and without even noticing, that perception affect us. Let’s take for example the trend of 2022 “quit your 9 to 5 job, you slave! Hustle and chill in your new mansion!” 

We are all different human beings, we don’t want the same things, we don’t have the same skills and we don’t have the same mindset. Jumping blindly when you literally have the capacity to understand rationally is just a temptation to experience this “thrill.”

There’s nothing wrong with quitting your job and pursuing something you are passionate about but there has to be a balance with it. A combination of rational thought, desire and purpose not just desire. This balance can actually help you to put your vision into reality. 

Furthermore, do it your own way, do your own combinations, multitask, change place, whatever works for you. Do not trap yourself into somebody’s else idea of “how it’s better to do things.” Do not give your power of free thought away, that’s too valuable.

Do not abandon your passions/hobbies

Whatever you do, do not quit your passions. They are your fuel. Whether you are working a job or pursuing a school that isn’t completely what you like doing, never abandon what makes you feel good! We get so carried away with a dull routine, that we forget the purpose of doing things. We are not meant to just stay alive and live like the walking dead. Indeed, the pressure to live like this is extremely heavy in our society. However, abandoning your passion to focus more on your school or work is actually a wrong approach.

When I started my first 9 to 5 job I abandon my passion for writing, for almost one year. Let me tell you what happened. I lost motivation, the only thing that kept me going was anxiety and in a matter of time I lost the ability to dream. The places I wanted to visit seemed like a lame goal, the activities I wanted to pursue seemed pointless. I had lost a spark in me, I wasn’t happy and I felt trapped, like there’s no other way. Something in me was dead. During the pandemic, I got triggered to write again due to some issues with the education system. The spark was back and I didn’t even know how I lost it. 

It’s a very common axiom, you can reach the destination while enjoying the journey. You don’t need to focus only on “priorities” when you actually have time to do what keeps you connected with yourself.

Furthermore, if your “priorities” aren’t letting you time to make your wellbeing a priority, maybe it’s time to change something.

Be clear enough with yourself

Take time to reflect and if it is needed take one step back. Use this space to clear your thoughts and decide if what you are pursuing is something that you really want.

Is your goal related to a purpose you have? Not necessarily with the purpose to save the world or other big purposes. The purpose can even be challenging yourself to become better.  It can be to prove yourself that it can be done, to help others financially, to become known and spread your ideology etc.

When your vision is related to a purpose, persistence come without even trying. Remind yourself frequently of this purpose. How can you do this? There are different ways, you can use a vision board or even write in on your journal. This will keep you focused and driven to remain persistent in your goal, because you have a purpose on doing it.

Tracking your progress, making a plan and every other practical way doesn’t work when you don’t have motivation. You will eventually apply these steps when you feel connected with your vision, purpose and desire. You cannot start the car without fuel.

Even though some may say: “No I do it from discipline, I don’t have motivation either.” Discipline doesn’t come out of nowhere, you are motivated to be persistent and have hope that it will work out. It’s not that type of random motivation that comes from a motivational speak or other triggers, but that doesn’t mean you have no motivation at all.  We are talking about no motivation at all here, low, underground, no light at the end of the tunnel, vague etc. I think this was enough to make my point clear, hahaha.

My last words before I end this article.

Lack of motivation is an indicator that something is missing in your life and it needs to be taken seriously. You have the right to fully enjoy life and why to neglect it when you deserve it.

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