5 steps to a more emotionally intelligent you!

1.Meditating Mind is really a dangerous weapon and its effect really depends on what you fill this weapon with. If your mind is filled with negativity or irrational thoughts, you will end up shooting yourself but if it is filled with rational and positive thoughts you will end up leveling up more and more.  TrainingContinue reading “5 steps to a more emotionally intelligent you!”

🖤Playing with Paradoxes🤍

Your origin, your skin color, your physical appearance, your age, everything outside of you is used as a barrier to limit you. A barrier that tries to limit and vanish your happiness, by putting the focus on destructive competition and taking without giving, because when life becomes a competition, taking becomes a sport. Everything that looksContinue reading “🖤Playing with Paradoxes🤍”

What is killing your authenticity?

How many followers I have? How many likes? Who commented? How many people viewed my profile? Why this post hasn’t got enough likes? Isn’t it good enough or am I not transmitting the things that I want in the right way?! So many blocking thoughts that make people to adapt with the flow or toContinue reading “What is killing your authenticity?”

How to be yourself in a hypocritical society like ours?

Being yourself has always been a grand challenge that has been overcome only by the most daring people. And it is still a challenge, in fact, the most beautiful challenge that a human being can endure during this lifetime. You may ask why I use the term Hypocritical society? Well…. It’s the reality we areContinue reading “How to be yourself in a hypocritical society like ours?”

Why do you need to become more emotionally intelligent? 

Do you often find yourself in those situations where the idea of punching someone in the face seems as the only way to make yourself feel relived?!   If not than scroll, just kidding…  keep reading! I’m not writing this for myself. As human beings we tend to let our emotions direct our actions in theContinue reading “Why do you need to become more emotionally intelligent? “