• The Beauty Lies In The Naked Soul !

    Greetings everyone! Recently I just finished writing my first book and I wanted to share it with you. Some info about the book? The book is made of 56 poems separated into 7 chapters. Each chapter symbolizes a different mental and emotional state toward a complete cycle of soul growth. Click the link below to… Continue reading

  • It’s not me, It’s my addiction. How to quit addictions and set yourself free?

    The brutal truth about addiction is that it creates a duality within you that seems impossible to control. One side of you wants to break free and the other side of you says: “It’s not that bad” or “I can quit whenever I want.”  Addiction makes you gaslight yourself. However, addiction is trickier than it… Continue reading

  • Extracting the insane power of solitude

    Solitude is beyond price only if we know how to use it to our own advantage. Nevertheless, what is more important than solitude is the balance between solitude and socializing. Therefore, is crucial to know when to isolate and when to socialize, because both of them assist you to empower yourself. In this article, I… Continue reading

  • How to be persistent when you are out of motivation?

    If you aspire to be successful at everything you “touch” you need crazy persistence. The question lies in how to be persistent when you are out of motivation?” We all have some moments when our goals look far away or even worse, like we don’t even want them anymore.  These dark moments are essential to… Continue reading

  • How to “destroy” the writer’s block

    There’s nothing more nerve-racking than feeling like you cannot put into words, what you think. So many thoughts and yet a blockage to connect them. If you find yourself in this situation, then my friend you are experiencing a “writer’s block.” A writer’s block can be very stressful and discouraging, because It makes you feel… Continue reading

  • How to rest without feeling guilty

    Being a perfectionist can really mess up your brain on many levels. When everything on your agenda is done, you just want to take a good break, recharge, and be in your best capacity to continue your routine. However, the problem is that the resting days are even more tiring than the busy days. Welcome… Continue reading

  • 5 steps to a more emotionally intelligent you!

    1.Meditating Mind is really a dangerous weapon and its effect really depends on what you fill this weapon with. If your mind is filled with negativity or irrational thoughts, you will end up shooting yourself but if it is filled with rational and positive thoughts you will end up leveling up more and more.  Training… Continue reading

  • 🖤Playing with Paradoxes🤍

    Your origin, your skin color, your physical appearance, your age, everything outside of you is used as a barrier to limit you. A barrier that tries to limit and vanish your happiness, by putting the focus on destructive competition and taking without giving, because when life becomes a competition, taking becomes a sport. Everything that looks… Continue reading

  • What is killing your authenticity?

    How many followers I have? How many likes? Who commented? How many people viewed my profile? Why this post hasn’t got enough likes? Isn’t it good enough or am I not transmitting the things that I want in the right way?! So many blocking thoughts that make people to adapt with the flow or to… Continue reading

  • True to yourself.

    “A lot of people… black, white, Mexican, young or old, fat or skinny have a problem being true to their selves. They have a problem looking into the mirror and looking directly into their own souls. The reason I sell six million records, the reason I can go to jail and come out without a… Continue reading

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