True to yourself.

A lot of people… black, white, Mexican, young or old, fat or skinny have a problem being true to their selves. They have a problem looking into the mirror and looking directly into their own souls. The reason I sell six million records, the reason I can go to jail and come out without a scratch…The reason I am who I am today, is because I can look directly into my face, and find my soul… 

We don’t need no more rappers, no more basketball players, no more football players.

We need more thinkers, we need more scientist, we need more metodist, we need more mathematicians, we need more teachers, we need more people who care, we need more women, mothers, fathers.

We don’t need more entertainers. “

~ Tupac Shakur

Nowadays, everyone wants to be an influencer. Everyone wants to change the world. Everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to write something and to wake up in the morning with a “best writer for 2022 ” prize. Because they think that being successful and happy means being known by others. Of course, you can be an influencer, change the world, be famous, etc.,

But are you doing these things with a pure heart, or are you just craving some attention?

Are you craving to be a “need” for others to get some vitamin validation, or do you want to help others because you genuinely care?

We are so close to a future that: “If you compare humans with animals, the animals will get offended.” It may look funny, but it isn’t!

We are killing ourselves every single day in every single way that is possible. And you stay there and laugh like everything is okay and the significant problems of this world aren’t your thing.

 Sorry for not understanding, because I am from a different world that caring for others and for the major problems is kind of “my people thing.”

 We are so obsessed with “the good life” and ” SUCCESS” that we forget or don’t even notice how intensively brainwashed we are.

Our brain is in a constant manipulation trap everyday by the media, the people around us, and even by our circumstances.

This brainwashing, unfortunately, forces some people to put on many masks, and sadly some of them die without even living in their skin. Some of them never discover the life that was meant for them because they didn’t believe that their uniqueness was meant to be embraced, not hidden. .

 The best favor you can do to yourself and the world is to be true to your authenticity, don’t be scared to shine in your own way.

It will get confusing; it will get hard, it will get so damn testing but it will be worth it. It will be worth it to look directly into your soul and be sure of who you are. That’s absolute freedom, and that’s real happiness. Freedom is a really expensive luxury to afford, but I seek that luxury. And you should too.

 With the fear of being misunderstood, I write to be heard by those who still believe in humanism. We are in this life to feel, and we deserve to feel free…

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  1. I just read so much truth. This is epic. Looking forward to reading much more of your work! It’s nice to see people who are aware of the world around them. 🙂

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