What is killing your authenticity?

How many followers I have? How many likes? Who commented? How many people viewed my profile? Why this post hasn’t got enough likes? Isn’t it good enough or am I not transmitting the things that I want in the right way?! So many blocking thoughts that make people to adapt with the flow or to give up. 

I closed most of my social media platforms not because I was spending too much time but because I was drained with the content that so many people were drawn to repeatedly. Dead individuality and dead souls just wandering. People losing themselves to become a puppet controlled by a button, that everyone had in their hand. No matter how strong my mindset was they still had an upsetting effect in me. Cuz my brain was indirectly being fed with monotony, lack of diversity and other people’s viewpoints which were stuck in my mind. They were heavily in my mind because there was a grand majority that supported and reshared the same effect in different forms. 

Majority has the power given by the system to redefine the truth and to give a new color to reality. Honesty is shared only as perversity and vulnerability and mistakes are hided as something shameful.  Because society teaches us that majority is always right and what majority chooses is what has value. But if you don’t value your thoughts why would I? If you don’t stand up for yourself even if you don’t have the warmest arms around you than you’ll commit a painful soul suicide with very few hopes of reincarnation.

The main point is to explore yourself and why not to experiment a little bit. Grow in some environments that doesn’t have instructions on how to grow. Explore the hidden blessing brought by the struggle. Jump and take risks without fearing to let go of everything you may lose. You may fall but after that you’ll fly higher, because you’ll have the needed experience to build stronger wings that will take you to bigger horizons. And that’s on evolving into a new level by challenging yourself from day to day. Self reflection is really needed to level up and to do things that bring fulfillment and progress. But self reflection is needed to start from within and shouldn’t be mixed with external elements. 

The most devastating thing about social media isn’t not getting enough feedback (with likes, followers and comments) but losing and hiding your individuality and authenticity in order to adapt with what is liked more. Being controlled by an increase of dopamine because of social media interaction and a decrease from it’s lack. By letting social media affect our happiness and transform our perspective we hit ourselves with a passive aggressive force . If we would be more enthusiastic for the beginning of the day as we are to see something in the phone the day would be way different.

Everything is connected and has a pebble effect so why not to make your little wave in the sea. Express yourself through a photo, article, poetry, a drawing that you made 10 years ago just to set yourself free. If it is misunderstood let it be. Someone may relate to it and find comfort or you may find it easier to understand and help yourself more in the long journey of self-development. Expressing yourself without hesitation is what makes you grow from inside. (mentally and spiritually)

 If you wouldn’t see the world with the eyes of the society than you would see value in everything. You would see the hidden blessings in every “negative” situation. Kill society’s projections and see with the eyes of your own mind and soul. That’s where the essence of your true self is hiding.

Written by Paradox Media

4 responses to “What is killing your authenticity?”

  1. Fact of our today’s mind conditon. Great share dear

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  2. This is so true. The button has become truth and we the limitations. We need us and us alone.

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