Extracting the insane power of solitude

Solitude is beyond price only if we know how to use it to our own advantage.

Nevertheless, what is more important than solitude is the balance between solitude and socializing. Therefore, is crucial to know when to isolate and when to socialize, because both of them assist you to empower yourself. In this article, I fancy putting the focus only on the “isolation season” and how to accelerate massively in it.

To begin with, I want to emphasize how misused some perceptions are. For example, the idea that you need a lot of connections to go far and thrive in life doesn’t equal “you can’t do it alone!”

Sometimes the most powerful collaboration you can do is with yourself. How arrogant of me to say that, right? Not really, and I will explain why and how. It’s pathetic to think that you need a lot of people to extract your real potential. This way you become dependent on people and give them your power by not even trying.

You have enough power to succeed even alone but how to extract these powers?

Step 1: Master your talents and skills

No matter how talented or skillful you are, there are always ways to become better and produce greater results.

Mastering your talents gives you tremendous power if 3 elements are combined: 1. Passion 2. Action 3. Persistence.

I would like to use the acronym PAC, which means taking action on what you are passionate about and being persistent even when you can’t see the bigger picture. In this way, you put yourself into a cycle of growth that lets you unlock different levels of what you are capable of.

Therefore, my friend, put yourself into this cycle of growth and surpass your current potential and you will be shocked by yourself.

Step 2: Respect your privacy and work in silence

Underestimating the power of privacy is a fool’s move.  Our brains are overloaded with all kinds of things that eventually lower the ability of the brain to function at its best capacity. Daily acts of routine such as work, school, human interactions, and different perceptions tire human beings enough. However, we still continue to improve our lives and try to get closer to our goals.

 Now to the point, in this critical moment, oversharing your plans may cause “turbulences” to your vision. It won’t stop you to reach your goals if you are determined enough but it will affect you. It will make you waste time into explaining to someone else why your ideas are worth it. It will lower your energy by demotivating you and eventually lowering the grind you had at the beginning. 

A waste of time, potential, and energy.  However, I would suggest not applying this principle extremely, especially around people that are characterized by positive values. In fact, they could widen your perspective and inspire you to keep working for your vision.

Step 3: Use your time to learn things that interest you

Everything is a matter of combination and a combination of what you are drawn to with other skills that you may have can be materialized into a fantastic reality.

Do what you are obligated to do, but do not rest after. Why? Because you have to give yourself the freedom to do the things you enjoy doing. Something that draws your curiosity? Explore it. If you have time to rest and watch a movie, believe me, you have time to explore what draws your curiosity. Give yourself that spark of doing something that is aligned with your desire and your being.

Therefore, feed both ego and soul. You are not meant to feed one and starve the other. At least not in this lifetime.

Step 4: Focus on your general wellbeing

If your mental health or physical health is constantly making you feel tired and irritated, how do you expect to reach a positive output? That’s the most terrible way to block your real potential.

Putting yourself into a healthy mental, physical and spiritual state will give you more energy, clarity, and results. Additionally, you will maximize your “power” and will put yourself into a constant cycle of progress.

I find it very odd how many people underestimate the power of good nutrition and the massive changes it can cause in their lives. It’s a fact, healthy food=healthy life but in practice, most people neglect this fact. They neglect how food can make you generate more positive thoughts, sleep better, have more energy, feel full of life, and be inspired, eventually, this plays a great role in extracting your real power.

Improve this aspect of your life and everything else will be easier and fulfiller.

Step 6: Write your ideas immediately

Whatever comes to your mind write it, draw it, or note it somewhere. Why? Because

  • They can be easily forgotten

This simple act of negligence or confidence is actually a method to throw our power away.  It’s a blockage that we put on ourselves. Ironically that idea that you may neglect to write may be the one that changes your life. Also, it may be the one that serves as a catalyst for so many other ideas.  So in other words it can become a vital component for another idea.

  • Writing your ideas makes space to search for ways to execute them.

Your idea may be composed even on just desires and this is perfect.  It’s perfect because it lets you combine desire with logic. Desire gives you the energy to do something aligned with your being and logic helps you to materialize it. Furthermore, it will keep you focused and inspired.


In the end, I think that is a privilege for human beings to have the chance of experiencing life on many levels. Alternating between paradoxes such as isolation and socializing, highs and lows produce a dynamic that can unlock different levels of our potential.

Some blessings are so precious that they come “disguised” because you receive them by understanding that you already have them. Every day is a blessing and a chance to create foundations for your vision.

Therefore, if you are in a period of solitude, transform it into a source of power and you will see how blessed, you can become.

“Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.” – Nikola Tesla


3 responses to “Extracting the insane power of solitude”

  1. I’ve always cherished my “alone time.” Especially during busy seasons.

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  2. We all need that balance and alone time should be cherished

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