🖤Playing with Paradoxes🤍

Your origin, your skin color, your physical appearance, your age, everything outside of you is used as a barrier to limit you. A barrier that tries to limit and vanish your happiness, by putting the focus on destructive competition and taking without giving, because when life becomes a competition, taking becomes a sport. Everything that looks fixed, like it goes with a recognizable flow, it’s a lock put in you, so you can’t reach your full potential. A barrier to give you confusion, because you choose to be controlled and stuck in other people’s world and limitations.

The world outside of you interference badly with the world inside of you, letting it undeveloped due to external causes. The guilt doesn’t belong to society but to you. Focusing too much on something you can’t control is self-destruction.

Why to be stubborn on some things you know that aren’t worth your focus?! Your focus should be in building your inner world, spending time alone to reflect on what you want and what you don’t want. Your focus should be in progress, in the ride not only in the place that you want the ride to take you. Your focus should be in gratitude and giving to others. Your focus should be kindness. Your focus should be you but not only you.

Other’s advices are shit compared to your inner voice, because they can’t see with your eyes, even if you rip them off and give it to them. Not everyone has the same dreams and everyone has their own ways. But God/ Universe whatever you choose to believe has put in you a vision for a reason and that vision is meant to be chased.

But how to unlock your true potential if you don’t know what you want? First everyone knows what they want, they are just so drown in the depth of doubts that they refuse to give even the bare minimum. Yes! The bare minimum for their “one life”. They refuse to live life according to their own taste, for them authenticity is embarrassing but for me it is the essence of life.

Unlocking your true potential is a different “high” that focuses on happiness and not pleasure. But why to unlock it? I am really happy with the life I have and I do not feel the need to evolve. “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away”- Pablo Picasso. In the essence of this thought is the “catapult” for a deeper connection, with your life purpose and this should keep your driven to keep going and to see every barrier as a catapult to an extraordinary infinite destination.

Explore the depth of your own soul and mind, search for your truth and you will find your truth, as Jesus Christ said: “Seek and you will find”, so step into your own game and for every level give from the things you receive. Study yourself and study your weakness, what can be changed for good and how? By creating a duality and unity at the same time. Visualizing yourself as how you want to be… And then reflect on who you are. Now unite them together and come to a conclusion. What does it take for you to go there and what should you kill from your last version to enjoy the new version?

It’s hard and painful sometimes because you have to kill something in you that you think that can’t be killed. That’s illusion, you can choose to experience a full metamorphosis and not reincarnate again. And you have to cut off people that weren’t never with you, just masked that way by your emotions. Emotions are meant to be felt but not to be a controller. By juggling what you think feel and want you create a balance, that gives you a full package of mental, spiritual and material world in a way that makes you feel complete.

I’m not a big fan of Sigmund Freud but that shadow strategy is useful. It’s like waking up both devil and angel in you and integrating them into society for your own good and growth. If Napoleon Hill for example classifies everything negative as a Devil and everything positive as God, adding them together you have the whole universe and beyond. All the unknown world. And a part of universe is also you.

Also here we have a barrier. Judging the negative energy as something that is always bad and the positive energy as always good. For example, you always give and don’t accept to take from people. You find it hard to say no. You want to help everyone even if they don’t deserve it. Someone has not studied as much as you and begs you to help them to pass and you do. They win the school, you help them also to find a job without having them to worry at all, cuz you are “people pleaser motherfucker”. To the point now, you made them dependent on other people, you didn’t let them learn the lesson through consequences, you became their barrier that didn’t let them to grow and to find their self. You made them feel like there’s no way they could do it by themselves, you fed their doubts. Look how bad you are now.


 Now someone ask you to find them a job even though there aren’t good at it. The boss is your cousin so why not to help a friend in need. By telling them to fuck off and work in themselves in order to find the job that there are good at and that they enjoy. 

Others may say this is so out of you, because it is the shadow inside of you that comes to light. They don’t see it but you have it for one reason. The reason isn’t to repressed it but to use it in the most convenient way for you. (Nobody is asking me to find them a job it’s just for illustrating)

I was and am that type of person that when I’m sad or frustrated with people I fight when I see it convenient and when I don’t.. I take all of that in me. Not being sad or frustrated but motivated to level up to do something good for myself by exercising, writing, meditating or helping someone. I reinvest that energy into creating a stronger and better version of me . Cuz like Rome we are built from ashes and what really matters is the freedom of soul.

Written by Paradox Media

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  1. Amaxing piece dear. Thanks for sharing

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